GENRE: adventure

FORMAT: 26 x 22’ serialized animation series


TARGET AUDIENCE: 7 years and up


The Prince of the Clouds

The Prince of the Clouds is an adaptation of the best-selling series written by the novelist and astrophysicist, Christophe Galfard, published by Éditions PKJ (France)

The story occurs in a serialized narrative form, plunging us into the adventures of Peaches, Tom and Tristam, three children who have found refuge in a small village nestled amongst the clouds: Blueberry. During their odyssey, our three heroes will have to escape from the Blizzards, henchmen working for the terrible Tyrant who has used climate as a weapon of mass destruction in order to conquer the world. By doing so, the Tyrant has set off natural catastrophes that have forced humans to seek safety in cities in the clouds. On board their Dragonfly, a flying motorcycle, the children are going to head off to explore the World Down Below and in so doing, become aware of their own dormant and mysterious powers.

In their quest, they are going to discover how planet earth works and in so doing, learn to both love and protect her.

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