GENRE: feature film for the whole family



TARGET AUDIENCE: 5 years and up



Tudy, a young lifeboat leads a happy and tranquil life in her little port on the Atlantic coast. Descending from a long and prestigious line of boats and ships, Tudy learns basic skills of her trade from the Admiral, her father, an ex-celebrity, high seas rescue ship.

But Tudy is restless. She dreams of adventure out on the high-seas and the call of the ocean is too great for her. So one morning, paying no heed to her father’s warnings, Tudy leaves her little port and heads out to the open sea. This is the beginning of an incredible odyssey during which she is going to encounter the mysteries and dangers of the vast, deep ocean.

Aided during her journey by two unlikely travel companions, a cranky crab and a scaredy-cat seagull, Tudy is going to run into a mysterious gang of traffickers who appear to be hiding some terrible secret. But out on the high-seas, another threat looms much greater, the legend that has haunted the 7 seas since the beginning of time: the terrifying evil wave.

Conceived of as a sea odyssey and driven by a quest for discovery and growing up, Richard Danto and Pascal David have imagined a film for the entire family.

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